As Rajoy’s new Spanish government repeals Catalonia’s law banning the barbaric sport of bullfighting, 73,000 Spaniards sign a petition to ban the brutal, savages, from torturing bulls. This is a new offensive by animal rights to stop bullfighting in the Ebro and Valencia.

These Brutal, savage barbarians claim to be European

These Brutal, savage barbarians claim to be European

The Association of animal rights (PACMA) last week presented a total of 73,000 signatures in its petition against the Government of Catalonia and Valencia. It is the culmination of the campaign which began last summer, under the slogan ‘Holidays without bullfighting. Stop the torture’, which aims to prevent and stop the suffering of animals in Spain’s so-called animal sports, where animal abuse is indisputable, such as bullfighting.

According to the report prepared by the veterinarian of the PACMA that accompanies 73,000 signatures. The bulls suffer severe mental distress and physical harm during their transportation to events and are often starved and left without water to make them more aggressive during their transportation.

During the events or so-called fiestas, they are subject to brutal and pro-longed attacks by the public and suffer severe injuries as they try to shake off the burning torches attached to their horns. The constant severe jerking of the head causes injuries and sprains to the muscles and tendons of the neck, which can lead to the dislocation of
the neck and head.

The report goes on to say the burning torches attached to the horns of the bulls cause severe burns to the neck, head, and eyes, often leaving the balls permanently blinded.

The society demands better treatment of animals and completely rejects the so-called sport of bullfighting and running as a barbaric practice.