Bárcenas goes on trial today for corruption, involving billions of euros. PM Rajoy personally chose him! as Treasurer of the PP!!

José Luis Bárcenas Gutiérrez

The ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Barcenas will sit in the dock today accused of corruption for the first time he is expected to deny all charges in a statement to the court relating to the case receiving money from Francisco Correa in exchange for favoring entrepreneurs with public contracts.

Bárcenas to the taxpayers of Europe in Spain

Bárcenas to the taxpayers of Europe in Spain

The ex-treasurer Barcenas faces over 40 years in prison on charges of conspiracy, bribery, money laundering, forgery, embezzlement and tax crimes receivable commissions allegedly paid businessmen to the Gürtel in exchange for awards of PP governments, as well as stay Money from a parallel party accounting.

The prosecution also attributes to Bárcenas, who has yet to stand trial in another case. For his part, in the so-called Caja B (box B) for the PP, they are alleged to had bagged €1,248,561 in commissions collected from Correa between 2000 and 2007, And to have seized another €299,650 from the PP taking advantage of “double bookkeeping established in that party.”

This trial involves billions of euros of inward investment by the EU over many years. All the current Spanish corruption trials should be conducted by the European court of justice, a trial in Strasbourg would provide more impartiality and less conflict-of-interest.

Mariano Rajoy personally chose Bárcenas as Treasurer People’s Party (PP). Bárcenas will, of course, deny all charges and any involvement and because of his connections, he will walk away a free man having robbed the taxpayers of Spain and Europe of billions of euros.

In his statement to the court last October, Correa admitted that he took the Bárcenas to both his home and the PP headquarters in Genoa. Specifically, he said that he paid amounts ranging from 2% to 3% of the amount of the public awards in which Bárcenas had intervened, thanks to his good relations in several ministries. He mentioned contracts for highways, AVE and substantial environmental projects.

Then he explained, Barcenas was in charge of distributing the money among those who had participated in the irregular scheme, although the head of Gürtel did not specify the names of the beneficiaries of the commissions.

This statement was endorsed by the ex-PP in Majadahonda José Luis Peñas, known as the plotter, who explained that Correa told him about “a billion pesetas” in “cash” that he had delivered to Bárcenas at the headquarters Of the PP and in the house of the extesorero.