During this season, 51,390 cruise passengers have arrived at the Port of Tarragona. 57% of these claimed to have purchased and it is estimated that the average cost they make on land is €65 so the economic impact attributed to this activity is almost €4 million.

The data was released this week, after the meeting of the Taula de Creuers de Tarragona, in which the different agents said there was a spectacular opportunity for growth for the tourism sector in Tarragona.

When you see a tidal wave of tourists marching up Carrer Major, you can bet there’s a cruise ship in the port of Tarragona.

The cruise passengers, have become the lifeline to which small businesses can grow in the medium term.

Welcome to the city of Tarragon
Anticipating this new opportunity presented by the cruise ships, last year the Acolliment de Creueristes (ZAC) Zone was created, to which 81 businesses of the Part Alta (the city of Tarragona, Tarraco).

When tourists arrive at the port they receive a map indicating the best places to visit and members stores, while the associated merchants receive prior information about the hours that the cruise passengers will be in the city, their origin, ages, and languages.

Tarragona was inspired by the model implemented in Cartagena and Motril, both cities where cruise tourism is much more consolidated. For the councilor of Comerç, Elvira Ferrando, “as the name suggests, these businesses welcome, visitors and make them feel comfortable”.

Among the commitments is also open on Sundays and holidays, when the stores, beyond the Part Alta, are closed. This year, of the 37 ships that arrived in Tarragona, only for came on a Sunday.

The president of this trade association is convinced that the sector should start looking at tourism as an opportunity. “Maybe things are not as fast as we would like, but it is clear that tourism is profitable and we should look for things that add up and make a profit.

Cruise ship passengers grow tourism in Tarragona. The president of the Port of Tarragona, Josep Andreu, said it this week at the press conference in which the balance of the season was presented: “If we want to continue growing, then local businesses must be prepared to respond in a positive way”.
Strong forecasts

Cruise ship passengers will continue to grow in Tarragona. Looking ahead to next year it is anticipated that the number of cruise passengers will increase another 55% to 80,000 people.

What do cruise ship passenger tourists buy in Tarragona? The study carried out by the Observatori del Turisme de la Costa Daurada shows that 38% of purchases are souvenirs, followed by clothing (19.7%) and snacks, bars and coffee shops (8.2%).