All students in Catalunya Universities must pass level 3 in English to get a degree

A new law will mean that all candidates who began their degree studies in the Spanish region of Catalonia from 2015 must pass an end-of-course English exam in order to graduate.

The goal of the new legislation is to ensure that Catalan graduates “have no problems with English” when they leave university, something which is not the case at present. The new law will apply to students at all of Catalonia’s 12 public and private universities.

Similar measures have been implemented in other universities across Spain but most of them have set the standards much lower at intermediate (B1) level.

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The 94.3% of the population of Catalonia understands Catalan , 80% can speak, 82% literate in Catalan and 60% can write it, according to a recent survey conducted by the Department of Culture of the Catalunya government and the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat).

This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the use of Catalan, Castilian and other languages spoken in Catalonia, and its results confirm Catalonia is increasingly a multilingual society. This is the third edition of the survey after those in 2003 and 2008.

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