Exploding bicycle caused a major fire in Antoni Gaudi Street, Reus, Tarragona, Spain

A major fire erupted last night in Antoni Gaudi, Reus, Tarragon, Spain. The fire on the second floor of a building Injured two people. The Guardia evacuated 15 families from the adjoining building, the fire was attended by two appliances from the Reus, Fire Brigade

An exploding battery on an electric bicycle was responsible for the cause of the fire, which quickly spread throughout a doctor’s office. One of the firefighters (Bombers) said the two injured people were anxious and very distressed, many other people were affected by toxic smoke inhalation before the fire was brought under control.

Clouds of toxic fumes were seen pouring from the building, It took firefighters over half an hour to bring the fire under control. Following the fire, Reus’s municipal architect inspected the structural integrity of the building before declaring it safe and at 22:00 hours the evacuated families were allowed back in the building.

Exploding bicycle caused a major fire.

The fire was reported to the emergency services at 8:00 pm in the medical office located on the second floor of the number 13 of Gaudí de Reus. It is the block located just opposite the school Maria Cortina, the building was formerly occupied by the Spanish air force, part of the base that existed at Reus airport.

La Guàrdia Urbana was the first to arrive on the scene and quickly took control ordering the neighbors to be evacuated from the adjoining apartments. Shortly afterward 2 fire appliances arrived on the scene.