Fracking quakes of Vinaròs, Spain, rumbles on! and on!!

Well, over €3 billion of EU tax payers money! And it still there!

The association of victims of la Plataforma Castor (Aplaca) is making a claim for more than one billion euros in compensation from Castor, who they alleged are responsible for earthquakes allegedly derived from the activity of the gas plant they installed off the coast Vinaròs (Castellón).

Vinaròs Fracking earthquake Rig

Over €3 billion of EU tax payers money! And it still there!

The association was formed in March to demand compensation. The claim is based on a provisional estimate of €12,000 in damages for each of alleged 86,000 resident victims affected by thousands of earthquakes that struck the  southern Tarragona and the north coast of Castellon in September 2013. The shock waves of the quake-affected at least half dozen locations in the two provinces.

The Association’s current aim is to prevent a possible declaration of insolvency by the operating company. Who have already received €1.3 billion in compensation from the Spanish government.

In brief, the $1.66 billion Castor, project plan, was for a submarine natural gas storage facility on the east coast of Spain, in the municipality of Vinarós. Based on the geological structure of the old depleted Vinaroz Castellon oil field off the coast of Amposta. Able to contain 1.3 Billion cubic meters of gas. The project was partly funded through €1.4 billion worth of bonds from the European Union.

Vinaròs Fracking earthquake RigThe plant facility received gas from the national gas grid for storage in the submarine underground. The gas was transferred via a gas pipeline approximately 30 km long, mostly running under the sea, which connects at the Ignacio Pérez land plant to the offshore platform located 22 km offshore.

The injection of gas commenced, with the commissioning of the facility during the first half of 2013. Shortly afterward almost 1000 earthquakes were experienced in the Vinaròs area, causing anxiety and disruption. In the autumn the Spanish government halted the activities of rig at Vinaròs.

Following the collapse of the project, the Spanish government agreed to pay €1.3 billion in compensation to Escal UGS, the company behind the controversial Castor project.