Hard Rock bid for Costa Dorado, Spain,  to build huge leisure and gambling complex

Hard Rock bid for Costa Dorado. The planned project near PortAventura to include a casino, hotels, entertainment areas, theaters, shops and a convention centre

Global casino operator Hard Rock has applied for a casino license to build an integrated resort on the Costa Dorado Tarragona Catalonia, local media reported on Friday.

US-based Hard Rock’s application to develop an integrated resort on the Costa Dorado near Tarragona, some 100 kilometers southwest of Barcelona. Hard Rock is the only surviving bid after 10 years of speculation and will now proceed to an assessment stage.

Other big casino operators such as Melco International Development and Genting Group have also previously shown interest in the Catalan project. However, with the companies above announcing that they were stepping back from the project, the Catalan government has confirmed that Hard Rock was the only company to submit a bid before the 30 June deadline.

At present, the master plan involves €2bn investment and the creation of 10,000 jobs. In a statement, Hard Rock said it was looking forward to building “a unique centre of leisure and world class entertainment in Tarragona.”

Only last week, Hard Rock announced its exit from the €500m Melco-Hard Rock IR project in the Republic of Cyprus. The company sold its 35.37% stake in the future resort, and although the company did not comment on the decision at the time, it was clear that it wanted to pursue other investment opportunities.

The details of the project will be unveiled on July 10, said Catalan treasury secretary, Lluís Salvadó, while the government will have to decide on the specific proposal by September 11. Nevertheless, it is expected that the facility will include a casino, hotels, entertainment areas, theaters, shops and a convention centre, with the maximum height of the buildings set at 75 meters.

In a statement, the firm claimed that it plans to develop a “world-class, unique leisure and entertainment center” alongside the executive. At the same time, Hard Rock will also count on the help of PortAventura to develop the project, as the amusement park will be responsible for building the hotels. Meanwhile, Value Retail will be in charge of the commercial area.

Hard Rock’s new complex is to be built near to PortAventura, where Ferrari Land opened on April 6 this year.  The 70,000 square metre complex includes the spectacular Red Force roller coaster, which simulates the Formula 1 experience by accelerating from 0 to 180 km/h in five seconds while rising 112 meters in the air.