The unsung heroes of Reus, supporting the city’s families with mental health problems the association of Dr. Francesc Tosquelles

The association of Dr. Francesc Tosquelles celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching a social club for young people suffering from bipolar and other personality disorders like schizophrenia.

The Association of Dr. Francesc Tosquelles (AFMMT) support adults with mental health problems and their families. The Association has been working in the city for twenty years improving the quality of life of people suffering from mental illness and supporting their families.

Dr. Francesc Tosquelles association supporting the community of Reus

Throughout this period, this amazing non-profit making organization has launched a multitude of services to include an integrated those affected back into society. The services include coexistence and awareness, integral accompaniment and programmes of inclusion and relationship El Porxo. Precisely, within their social programmes they have not promoted projects aimed at young people suffering from some mental disorder.

The President of the AFMMT, Jordi Garcia Pujol said:  “Historically the majority of the people we have served are between 40 and 60. However,  we realized that we needed to provide a new dynamic service of care and inclusion for the younger people of the city. That’s when we decided to create a new centre facilitating the new programme of activities.

The President, Jordi Garcia Pujol went on to recall, how they laid the foundations for this new initiative, this new dynamic programme helps and supports the reintegration of young people between 18 and 35 years. He went on to say “how vital it is to remove the stigma and social rejection that young people often endure from society when suffering from mental health illness. The projects first course started last year with 14 young people.

Over a hundred families helped and supported

Most of the cases we support and treat are for people with bipolar or personality disorders or who suffer from diseases such as schizophrenia. Jordi Garcia explained, In all cases, “When a mental illness is diagnosed, the family member is helpless, because the established health authorities and systems do not provide for family support. We welcome families, we assess their needs and help them with effective programs of support.”

Last year 104 families benefited from our interventions and support in the city of Reus, one of the most requested services was psychological care, which seeks to “improve understanding of mental illness” or “improve the rehabilitation of the affected person” through one to ones, conferences or group meetings. We also provide a community awareness service with events such as community meetings, encouraging participation by the citizens of the city.