Jet 2  Time Table and Seasonal variations for 2015 from UK Airports to Barcelona Spain

Time Table for JET2 flights from Glasgow, Leeds Bradford and Manchester Terminal 1 Airports to Barcelona airport Spain.


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Airlines don’t produce simple timetables like the one above because they need to maximize the efficiency of their operation to offer the so-called cheap flight ticket. The reality is their profitability depends on the full utilisation of each aircraft within their control. To achieve this they need the flexibility to make last minute changes, the controlling authority penalize carriers for the delays which cause inconvenience to passengers with monetary fines. Published timetables would make it much easier for the authorities to enforce their control! So the next time you’re sat in the airport on a 2 hour delay the chances are it’s not because there’s a problem with your plan, it’s more likely that your scheduled flight is being used for a more profitable purpose by your Airline.

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