Madrid gives a green light for same sex, gay couple traffic signals for the international LGBTQ pride celebration be held in the city from 23June to 2 July.

Madrid gives a green light for same sex, gay couple traffic signals. The lights displa y the figures of women or girls, identified by skirts and ponytails, started going up on Monday at intersections that previously featured the familiar figure of a man in mid-stride to let pedestrians know when to cross.

The decision builds on an earlier initiative in the Andalusian city of San Fernando de Cádiz, which put up its own equal gender traffic lights in February of this year. And in March 2016, Valencia introduced female characters on some of the lights regulating its pedestrian crossings.

Other walk/don’t walk signs are designed to show couples — some same-sex and some opposite gender holding hands. Madrid City Hall says the signs are essential to fostering gender and gay equality, given their visual impact.

The city also said it paid €22,000 for replacing 288 lights at 72 street crossings.

Many would say: it is political correctness gone mad.”! Especially at a time when more Spanish citizens than ever are living in poverty!

However, Madrid Mayor, Carmena said it was important for the city to recognize its own diversity through lights depicting “children, men, women, and couples, instead of individuals.” Carmena and a contingent of councilors from the ruling leftist Ahora Madrid coalition personally surveyed the new lights during a tour of the city center.

There are also plans to introduce crosswalks with stripes painted in the colors of the rainbow flag, said Jesús Generelo, president of the Spanish Federation of LGTB Collectives (FELGTB).

Madrid is hosting the 2017 World Pride celebrations from  23June to 2 July. The city says the new signs will remain after the event.