Manuel Moix, Spain’s Anti corruption chief resigned this Thursday after it was revealed that he owns 25% of an off-shore company in Panama.

The Spanish government and the Association of Prosecutors withdrew their support, following a meeting with the Spanish General Prosecutor, José Manuel Maza. Moix was already under fire for his role in ‘Operation Lezo’, an anticorruption case against Ignacio González, the former president of Madrid’s regional government.

Moix had allegedly tried to hoodwink two prosecutors and stop searches in González’ offices until he was forced by the Bureau of Anticorruption Prosecutors to authorize the operations. The anticorruption chief, who had been in office just since February 2017, was condemned by the Spanish Parliament which accused him of “deliberately trying to block many judicial corruption cases.”

The Spanish General Prosecutor said in comments to the press that Moix was innocent but that he accepted his resignation for “personal reasons.” “We discussed his situation and analyzed the information about his behavior, and I have been able to confirm that he did not commit any illegality or irregularity.

The General Prosecutor insisted There were not even any incompatibilities” in Moix’s work and his off-shore company. He added “There were no reasons to ask him to resign,” also I could “not force someone who claims personal reasons to stay in their post.” “That is why I accepted his resignation,” he concluded.

Manuel Moix had only been in his job as head of the anticorruption office of the prosecution since February 2017, but his term was already proving highly controversial. He was promoted to head of the anticorruption office even though the association of progressive prosecutors warned that he was quoted in the investigations into Ignacio González.

The former president of the Madrid region who is serving time in prison for corruption, during a conversation between González and Eduardo Zaplano the former PP minister. Their conversation was leaked to the press and clearly demonstrated they were all celebrating  Moix’s nomination as head of anticorruption.

Yet another Spanish corruption iceberg survives the hot sun of a Caribbean tax haven!

However, the Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, said that he still trusted him, but on Wednesday Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and the Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá stopped supporting him, and pass the decision to General Prosecutor, Maza, which led to Moix’s resignation.