One of the most famous international spent the holidays in Mallorca wants rid of his residence on the island. Actor Michael Douglas has s’Estaca sale, super exclusive mansion was purchased at the expense of Valldemossa Deia in 1989, when he married his first wife Diandra Luck linked from girl to Mallorca. Douglas farm has its own wine cellar recovered a small vineyard and its wines, which were very popular in the nineteenth century. The couple divorced in 2000 established a system of sharing the use of residence: half a year each.

This system of alternation in the use and enjoyment of luxury real estate, which increasingly forced to change the furnishings, kitchenware and home decor, according to the taste of each user- uncomfortable especially the current wife artist, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who also seems to feel less comfortable in warm environments.

Michael Douglas just one of the many famous people living in Mallorca3Weeks ago, Sotheby’s has the dossier privileged villa and farm almost inaccessible, offered at a price that exceeds 50 million. Douglas acquired s’Estaca -of almost 70 hectares, with a path únic- as a gesture of love towards his ex Diandra. As stated in the announcement published, is a set of September independent units and 10 apartments with five bedrooms, a loft and two small houses that can accommodate 20 people.

Douglas shares the use of the apartment with his ex-wife, Diandra Luck, which bothers her current partner, Catherine Zeta-Jones

S’Estaca has a unique biography. The previous owners were the heirs of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, the nineteenth century got a great heritage in the north coast of Mallorca, and established in that house wine and Italian-style shelter of love for his lover: the peasant Catalina Homar. A marble plaque on the front of the house, which Douglas keep it prays a prayer and a reminder to the deceased owner. In addition, the house was home and studio of the painter Domenico Gnoli wasted and his wife, also an artist Yannick Vu.

Michael Douglas just one of the many famous people living in Mallorca2Michael Douglas invested more than six million in the purchase and renovation of the residence. He was fined for exceeding in size, and was issued an order to demolish the building is not permitted. Douglas dodged most of the sanction through the creation of a cultural center in Valldemossa, North Coast, designed by Dani Freixas and closed amphitheater in the center projected a documentary he starred on the mountains, tourism passenger and culture of the mountain. The Government of the Balearic Jaume Matas was today jailed buy this space for almost five million. The actor also won a reward for helping to spread the image of the Islands as a tourist destination.