Catalan Police Force to reinforce anti-terrorist controls following Nice. They plan to increase anti-terrorist surveillance, especially in the very popular tourist resorts, after the terrorist attack which killed 84 people this past Thursday in Nice.

The terrorist threat level in Catalonia will be kept at 4 out of 5, which means dedicating 20% of security forces to anti-terrorist measures; ‘Mossos d’Esquadra’ already devotes 30% of their resources to fighting this threat, a percentage which rises to 40% in Barcelona.

On the other hand, the Spanish Police have already put in place extra security measures on the French border, at La Junquera, to control the traffic and will be stopping vehicles in random checks, asking for documentation and searching for suspicious materials in the boot.

Catalan Minister for Home Affairs, Jordi Jané, sent a message of “serenity and confidence” to Catalan citizens and warned that they will notice an increase in police presence. This extra surveillance will be both dynamic and static and will be especially noticeable in tourist spots and places which are expected to be crowded.