River Ebro, inadequate flow management continues to turn River Green with algae

River Ebro, inadequate flow management continues to turn River Green with algae. The environmental and ecological status of the river continues to deteriorate. The conclusion of a recent study by Així es constata en un estudi del Consell Superior d’Investigacions Científiques (CSIC) la Universidad San Jorge (Aragó).

Algae on the River Ebro Photo

The Ebro Spain’s second largest river

Their report published in the Journal of Science of The Total Environment, analyzed how and where organic matter continues to thrive in the river, its effect on water quality and the ongoing deterioration of the river’s health.

The study included analyzing 86 million environmental samples, collected over the last fifteen years in 25 different points along the river. They analyzed the concentration of oxygen and water temperature and the presence of certain chemicals.

They also studied the amount of rainfall, and river flow, which has allowed them to evaluate the flow management of the Ebro, which has been more regulated in recent years.

The conclusion reached is that the Ebro has respiratory problems. Like all rivers is a result of the metabolic activity of organisms living in the water. For example, the photosynthesis of algae and aquatic plants inject oxygen into the water, while the decomposition of organic matter (breathing) for consuming bacteria. Thus, the amount of oxygen in the water can be used to assess the health of the river.

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