Following its announcement last May, Ryanair will be cutting routes from Girona Costa Brava to such historic destinations as London, both Stanstead and Luton, and Paris Beauvais, routes that it had connected to this northern Catalonia aiport since 2004. Ryanair will now offer 14 connections with the airport, 25% less than a year ago. The UK will be particularly affected by the cuts, as they add to last winter’s, when the airline stopped flying from Bristol and Manchester. Outside of the UK, other destinations that have been dropped by Ryanair are Cologne in Germany, Maastricht in the Netherlands, and Poznan in Poland.

In contrast, Ryanair will connect three new routes to Girona this winter: Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Glasgow (Scotland).

In addition to these three, the remaining eleven routes Ryanair will maintain from Girona Airport this winter, include two to Morocco (Rabat and Marrakech), four to Italy (Alghero, Pescara, Pisa and Cagliari) three to Germany (Bremen, Frankfurt and Niederrrhein) and to Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Wroclaw (Poland).

AENA has specified that this data is related to requests from companies, but that changes may occur in the coming weeks.

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