Search begins for war graves of the Civil War, Battle of Ebro, La URV is looking for hundred mass graves of the Battle of the Ebro in municipalities in the South of Tarragona.

The historian and dean of the Faculty of Arts, Josep Sánchez Cervelló, and his assistant, Josep Munté, locate in the Baix Ebre,? La Ribera, Montsià, Terra Alta, and Priorat.

Once the graves of been identified the remains may be exhumed to identify the contents.

Àngels Esquirol, who owns land known as the Coma d’en Bonet, located in Gandesa, said “no one should be offended because they want to open mass graves of the civil, but you have to play down this sensitive issue and address it in a natural calm manner”.

Àngels went on to explain, “Under some olive trees in one of my fields, there is most likely a mass grave. My father, Josep, and grandfather, Antonio, claimed that there were several bodies from the Civil War on their land which had been incinerated and buried shortly after the war.

They told their daughter never to dig deep in this area. But now they are anxious to determine whether their family history is true about the mass graves so they will allow La URV to open the land and investigate.

El Departament d’Afers Exteriors, Relacions Institucionals i Transparència has commissioned the La URV to locate the mass graves of the Civil War in the four regions of -Baix Ebre Ebre, Ribera d’Ebre, Montsià and Terra Alta- and Priorat.