Spain most competitive tourism destination in the world, defending champion, Spain retains its title as the most competitive tourism destination in the world

Spain most competitive tourism destination in the world. Spain tourism sector for the second year in a row as ranked the most competitive in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, an international organization meeting in Switzerland which brings together political and business leaders from around the world.

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World Economic Forum, Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017

The group’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017: Paves the Way for a More Sustainable & Inclusive Future, which covers 136 economies, grants Spain a top score of 5.4 on 7 on its Competitiveness Index, bettering France and Germany, which ranked second and third respectively.

Also in the Top Ten category are Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Italy, Canada, and Switzerland.

“Spain’s success can be attributed to its unique offer of both cultural and natural resources, combined with sound tourism service infrastructure, air transport connectivity and strong policy support,” says the report.

Spain has been climbing the tourism competitiveness ladder quickly: in 2011 it ranked 8th; by 2013 it was in 4th place, and in 2015 it took the world title.

The report analyzes 14 key areas divided into four categories: Enabling Environment, Travel and Tourism Enabling Conditions, Infrastructure, and Natural and Cultural Resources. While Spain did not get a top score in any of the 14 areas, it did secure a high grade in all of them, averaging 5.4 out of 7, compared with 5.31 in 2015.

Out of the 14 areas, the lowest score was for price competitiveness, but this is not necessarily a bad thing: it only means that Spain is not the cheapest destination in the world. In this department, Spain is trumped by countries like Iran, Egypt, Malaysia or Algeria.